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TPMS issues....

Long story short... The shop switched snows to summer tires, busted one of the sensors. Got a new one and all back together now. Taking it back to them tomorrow as the indicator is flashing for 60 then on solid indicating there's a fault in the system.
Soooooo.... they're talking about needing to put it on the computer and check it there and calibrate it and blah blah blah.
Is that a true story?? It's a sensor and as I understand it it's pretty straight-forward. It won't reset using the reset button inside the rig so that tells me they put a wrong sensor or just didn't do something right replacing the one they broke.
Looking to know what the process might be when replacing a TPMS. The other day they told me that he was test driving it and re-calibrating and you needed to drive it around to do so. Sounds iffy to me. Looking for some guidance before they really mess up my smart!
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