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I can relate, as my door still sits on the passenger seat at present. It awaits my body to once again contort to attempt to reinstall it. I need to pick up one of those headlight bands with the led light on them so I can see, as you mention. The original problem was that the cabin air filter I was trying to remove was about twice the thickness of the replacement one I installed. I put a tab on it and that should make it all the easier to remove and replace the next time around, for sure. Try as I may, my arms do not stretch out well enough to make putting that darn door back into place. My knees don't tke kindly to the driveway cement, either. I need to finish this task and be done with it though. Maybe a few jumping jacks and some knee bend stretchess may be in order before I attempt it though. That and increasing my life insurance policy.

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