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Almost 2 weeks, 2000 miles including 4 Dragons, in both the dry and the wet, without a hiccup from little 2011 Munchkin -- until a couple of hours before arrival at home, when the windshield caught a rock. It is still intact, but the crack is long enough for good ol' USAA to replace the window. Thank goodness I decided to reduce my deductible for glass damage to $100, compared to the $500 on the rest of my auto policy.

I have commenced negotiating with a couple of dealers to order a 2016. When I turned 4-score years of age I swore little Munchkin would be my last auto purchase, but after reading the latest reviews I find that at my age and state of health I still have at least one lust left, and I am afraid I am going to violate another solemn oath. (My wife says I change my cars more often than I do my socks).

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