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GPS Installation service

Originally Posted by Jeepster55 View Post
"WHO" of "WHAT" fame? damn, i MUST be getting old......
Yes, unless you live in New England or New York state, you probably haven't heard of me, as I maintain a low profile. What Bremer Speck is saying is that I own a smart, have done 39 installations on them so far, and will travel to your home or office to perform this service. I am a very small shop and specialize in high-end cars, and have been in business since 1982. Since purchasing a smart for my work vehicle I have happily added the smart brand to my list of cars that I work on. All of my installations are done at the client's home or office. I have seen some good aftermarket installations and some poor ones. I am merely informing members of the forum that if they would like a good GPS installation at very reasonable rates I can do it in their driveway or office parking lot. I am known for fair dealings, quality work and can provide the equipment and installation at a very competitive price. I can also help you if you start an installation and feel you would like an expert to look it over if you are confused about something. Currently I really like the Kenwood DNX-5120, -7120 and -8120 in the smart for a variety of reasons. My website, which needs to be updated, is Thanks!

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