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I might be selling my extra Smart

So I did the reserve back in sep of 07. Did the configuration, but since then, they are now making into an 09 model which means no pure with see through roof. Now, I get the email to reconfigure and when I do it goes into production and is estimated to be done in Decemberish. My wife was going to sell her scion xa and take the Smart I'm driving now and I'd take the new one, but the buyer for the scion backed out and she's thinking of holding onto it instead. So... that leaves me with an option to hang onto the Smart I've been driving and then selling the incoming one. Wondering if it would work out to have someone lined up to buy it and then configure it the way they want it. Not looking to retire from the sale, like 2k for myself to cover what I paid for my first one. Also, if the panels from 08 and 09 are interchangeable, I might give up my 08 Yellow panels if that person would rather have them instead of the 09 color. I have till Sept 20th to send in the reconfiguration, if I don't get any offers I'll reconfigure it myself. I'm in the De Pere WI area and the Milwaukee dealership is who it would be going through.
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