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North Mississippi Here

I got my Pure from Birmingham on August 14. It is solid black with the gray interior. Since it has effectively doubled my mileage compared to the Cherokee I am quite pleased.

The only real hassle to date has been explaining to everybody in the small town (population 2,500) where I live (some 45 miles from where I work) what the car is. They all want it to be a Toyota or some other manufacturer. When I say it is a Smart and is made by Smart it gets funny looks. Yes it is a Daimler product just like Mercedes but Daimler also owns Chrysler and Chrysler is no more a Mercedes than Mercedes is a Chrysler. Getting people to grasp that is a challenge.

Anyhow, I am still tweaking my roller-skate to make it my own. There are a few small items left that I feel will make it the ultimate commuter machine. Not that they are necessary, it is a great car as it is.
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