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Originally Posted by Wile E. Coyote View Post
Did the reconfiguration, and went with a Passion with the new Grey Metallic Panels. DDE says I should expect it as early as Nov 19/08 to Jan 19/09. It's up for grabs and I could even swap the yellow panels I have for the Grey Metallic ones.
What I would do if I was you, since it takes a long time for it to come in. I would just let it come in, and at that time, your wife might change her mind. Also, there has been discussion on the swapping to another person. It can't be done. Only way is for you to buy it outright, then go and turn around and sell it. So, either way, you take it when it comes in, or Orphan it. I would just let it come in and maybe by then, you have found a buyer for the scion.

Just my 2 cents on that. Be happy you have one and have configured a second. I just configured my first in Aug. hehe.
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