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I have questions. I have a Marin Shoreline Trail. Looks like the one below (mine is much more beat up).

Can the mounts/arms be turned to match the angles on my bike's frame or do I need to buy one of these?
What anti-sway measure is employed? I see the strap. If that pulls the bike to the rack are foam blocks included?
What is included in the box as shipped? (eg: foam blocks, strap to secure front tire, ...)
Product images with one bike mounted and with two bikes mounted would be helpful.
Is there a spacer bar (or provision) to keep the second bike from swinging into the first bike?

The product description says:
This bike rack can be permanently left installed with accessibility to the boot of your smart and maintaining license plate visibility or can be easily removed and folded to be store in your smart's boot.

Product images showing the accessibility to the boot, and folded/stored would be helpful.

I like this rack a lot. My current rack (on the back of my MH) is a Thule tilt-down fork lock tray rack - which I hate taking the front tire off to use it. I like the simplicity of the smart bike rack - if it can work well with my bike.

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