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Multi-key Keychains?

Originally Posted by gewitzt View Post
I had one of these years ago that I got as a tchotchke at a trade show. I liked it...

Way too bulky! Not only are you adding five key rings, but also the big main hub. Lots of tangling and jangling – but what do you gain for all of that? Plus, you're carrying around that second car key everywhere you go, which you couldn't possibly use.

When you keep your car keys separate, one from the other, you only take the one you'll need. Put your car key in one pocket, and your key ring with the other keys (if you need to carry those around with you all day) in the other pocket. That way, you don't have to hunt for the right key, ever! I put an electronic lock between my garage and house, so that now I don't need to take any keys with me except for one car key.

Life's good!
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