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Ok. I Chickened out. Car up on stands, about 13 inches to work under. Thought I could use my motorcycle jack to lower the tank but the car wasn't quite high enough to get it all the way under the tank, so I placed it under the heavy end. Started to loosen the bolts on the right side and the tank started to drop down. Pushing it up, I decided that it was going to be too heavy for me to pull by myself... oh I probably could have gotten it out but then I'd have to get it back up in there.... so, Hell! Because I really need the car next week -
Put the four screws back in and called the garage... I was going to drive it up the road, the garage is just a mile, but when I started the car to back it out of the garage, the drip, drip, drip leak had become a full on gushing leak.
Called AAA.
Garage called me the next morning and confirmed that I needed a fuel pump. Pump came in the next morning and around 2: pm it was done. He showed me the old pump. The leak, just as I've seen posted here before, was at the plastic (nylon?) port coming out of the top. Apparently, when I lowered the tank, I had stretched the fitting and made the leak much worse.
So... smartie is home, running good... I'm a tad poorer than I was a week ago, but considering that we've got 133,000 + miles on the odo, and this is the first time it's had to go to the shop - ( well, AC had to be fixed two yrs ago) - I can't complain..
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