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Originally Posted by parimento1 View Post
RIP Smart brand. I could not be more pissed. I wonder how long it will be until a set of brake pads costs $1000, if you can even get them at all. A nice side effect of the recent death of the gas Smart is that the value of my car has gone up $1000 in the past month.
Well GM killed off Saturn several years ago so if you take that as an example then I would not be overly worried about parts.

Our Saturns are 17 and 18 years old now, parts are starting to get a little harder to come by for the more unusual parts but common things such as brake pads, rotors and drums are still readily available through dealers or better from suppliers such as Canadian Tire, Napa. Also a decent supply of parts from wreckers. Granted smarts were probably not sold in the same quantities are Saturns but I can find many parts for ours through Napa, and eBay. In fact I prefer not to source my parts through the dealer as they are considerably more expensive.

Also in a worse case scenario I can source some parts through contacts in Europe.

What is interesting is that in Canada I have also notice a slight bump up in the cost of used smarts.
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