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Word of warning ... actually 2.

(a) don't ever go to Cherry Hill Mercedes. This is the third time I've been screwed by them.

(b) there are parts needed for the recall, and you need to make sure that they order the parts and that the parts are in before you take your car in. This is true even if, when you call to schedule the appointment, and you speak with your service advisor, and you specifically say you want to bring the car in because of the recall notice, and he looks it up and tells you that there are actually two recalls, so he sees right there in front of him exactly what the recalls are, and then he schedules an appointment for you to bring the car in. Because what may end up happening is that you sit in the dealership for FIVE FRIGGIN' HOURS before they sheepishly tell you that they don't have the parts, never checked to see if they had the parts before making the appointment, and that they have failed to locate the parts anywhere nearby which is what they were trying to do for the last FIVE FRIGGIN' HOURS without telling you because they forgot to check on the parts when they made the appointment for you to bring the car in for the recall servicing.
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