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Yea.... i can't imagine any FORMER smart centers going all in and not offering service for current owners (not even sure if that was an option that was on the table for them?). Such a bummer that they decided to go all-electric from this point on... but hey... they're still a business, and need to consider the cost of importing and testing and all that other expensive stuff that goes along with it. And the lackluster sales in this "great" nation where SUV's and pickup trucks rule the road (sometimes it seems like they LITERALLY rule the road) tipped the scale for them. Just like 1stiski said, for Devon, and probably the vast majority of the few Smart Centers that even DID exist prior to them going all-electric, most of their customer base more than likely lived outside the driving range of the ED to make it to the dealership for service.

The SMARTER (no pun intended) thing for them to have done was had limited dealerships (though having quite a few more nationwide wouldn't have hurt) to actually sell the cars, but have it so that all Mercedes dealerships could service Smart's. I've lost count how many people i've spoken to, both when i had my 451, and even now that i have my 453, who seemed interested in the car.... but were immediately taken aback when I told them that the only dealership close to here is an hour drive away. People probably would have been OK with the idea of having to drive a fair distance to buy the car... people do that all the time if only a certain dealership has the exact car they're looking for spec'd the way they want it. But having to take that SAME drive just to get any sort of maintenance done that they can't do themselves is a nail in the proverbial coffin.
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