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Even using a smart as a dingy for a RV, your potential sales are restricted to mostly singles or couples. Not really good for young couples with kids or even one child. Certainty not if they want to tour around once they set up camp.
My niece and her husband pull a Chevy Suburban behind their diesel pusher RV, but they have 4 kids.

I have to agree with you smark. If you are going to be pulling a smart it better well be a gasser. A 60 mile range won't cut even for some of the retired campground hosts I know. The campground can be 100 miles from any town.
You take a gas powered car "smart", that can be towed 4 down, now let's limit it by replacing the gas engine that has a full tank range of over 300 miles and you can refill in about 7 mins. swap it with an electric motor and batteries that have 60-70 mile range and can take 2 to 4 hours or more to fill (charge) Throw in mountains, A/C or Heat if its cold, you can forget about even getting 60 miles, PLUS you now need a trailer to tow it on. Pretty much useless.

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