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Originally Posted by GeorgeLaw View Post
Eating some "crow" here. RECAP: Dec 2017 my 2014 ED would not start and a tow truck driver wanted to attach his jumper cables to my 12V battery. I refused to show him where it was located and insisted on a flatbed tow truck. Hand pushing the car about 10 feet toward the flatbed tow truck allowed the car to start. Jo e Lefors suggested that maybe the first tow trucker was right and maybe it was the 12V battery. After a couple of months of denial, occasionally having to push the car for a start I caved and replaced the 12V battery and yes, that solved my problem. The replaced battery tested as "BAD" low capacity, so it would not hold a charge. That said, I love my electric Smart.

I just had a funky no start on my 2014 smart ed as well. It turned out just to be the 12v on mine as well. Funny it never gave any indication of being on its way out. Just one day no dash display (very dim you couldn’t read it) then a bunch of HV system failure warnings and nothing. We were able to drive wherever we wanted once it was started, but if it sat for more than an hour was dead again (another jump and off we go) so I trailered mine to dealership. I’ll pick it up tomorrow (too late now for the 3 hr drive)

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