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no start issue

Originally Posted by GeorgeLaw View Post
The shut down problem continues to happen probably once in ten starts. I have checked the 12V battery, all connections are tight, granted the car is 4 yrs old now. In my opinion batteries last longer these days, my 2009 Passion is still on it's first battery. I am wondering where the generator is that charges the 12V battery. Many of my trips are under 3 miles. I have had "charge 12V battery NOW" message on a couple non-start occasions. After connecting a charger, it indicated "Full Charge" almost instantly I am ruling out 12V battery and am convinced it is some sort of computer glitch. I did hit a really large pothole that destroyed two wheels and probably shook up the electronics. Until I can drive to the dealer my fix for when this non-start happens is to push the car slightly forward (4 ft) and so far it reverts to a normal start.

On a different note; I replaced all four wheels with 16 inchers and high performance low profile tires. Then I read a MotorTrend article telling me cool sporty wheel/tire combinations will decrease the range of an electric vehicle, not significantly with my driving so far. The tires have a 40Z rating (drive flat at 40mph) which I like.
I had this error many times, if ac was on almost every time.
After 3 dealers just cleared codes, 3 one researched and replaced HV battery for free.
Now no errors for more than 9 months.
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