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The wires shown in the picture are absolutely NOT high voltage wires - they are part of the 12V accessory power or LIN communication syatem or the 5V CAN communication system and Chris was doing nothing unsafe by disconnecting them. Even disconnecting the big HV (orange) connectors (as I have on the A/C compressor on my Smart ED) cannot harm anyone unless the person deliberately goes out of their way to close a circuit between the + and - poles of the battery pack i.e., DC is not like AC - closing a path from a single pole of the battery pack to earth will do absolutely nothing.

Or more simply, unplugging any electrical cord your home is probably more dangerous than unplugging a HV electrical connector in a Smart EV - especially since there is an interlock syatem that cuts power from the battery pack off immediately upon the connector being pulled.

Most of the rather extreme service measures imposed on Smart Service technicians are the result of lawyers, not electrical engineers. If the car's keyswitch is turned off than nothing in the HV syatem outside of the battery case is energized. There is also a separate "service disconnect" in the Smart becsaue of "lockout-tagout" requirements of OSHA or other countries occupational safety and health regulations.

There is entirely too much hype and scaremongering surrounding EVs by electrical physics-illiterate people in the "technology" industry. We are even seeing people thinking that if an EV goes into a lake, people swimming nearby can get electrocuted.

There is a scanner. The "iCarsoft i980 scanner" - that can be used to read and clear MB car diagnostic codes - probably including the "HV System - Workshop" one.

As warranties expire and our already unfriendly local MB dealers start refusing to work on Smart ED's, I really look forward to this forum being a place where we can obtain technical and safety information on repairing our Smart ED's. People telling us flatly "no user service should be attempted" are not going to be very welcome here in the near future.
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