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Long gap since the last new smart electric drive owner posted, has to be at least a few others out there? - we picked up our 10th anniversary edition a week ago and love it. It will mostly be driven by my wife but tried it myself on my own 50+ mile r/t commute earlier this week - started at a full charge and still had close to 40% when I got home - drove using the Eco mode so kept speeds at 70 or under on the expressway. As Iíve taken this trip a number of times with our Ď14 (gas) Cabrio it was great to compare the ride quality, etc. - this latest version is a definite step up. The most amazing thing we saw during the past week was an indicated range of 95 miles !! Of course this isnít realistic but the cars range estimator seems to be a lot better than my first gen LEAF was.

We plan to use this car for our weekend errands as well to keep the mileage down on our other cars, itís a real joy to drive, if youíre in need for a (relatively) low mileage daily commuter car and can charge at home leasing a smart ED should be on your list.

Our 3-year lease will buy us enough time to see what the next gen smart or what other mfgís have to offer but this is a great Ďstop gapí car while we wait - itís not perfect (everyone of course wants more range) but serves its purpose quite well ... bravo Mercedes for upgrading its EV program cars and sticking with the US market for the past 10 years.
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