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Originally Posted by banzairx7 View Post
That poly bushing is available stateside here-

You want the street version for sure. This is one spot where a softer bushing is better. If the bushing is too stiff the axle won't want to tilt side to side. Better for cornering but not so good for ride quality.
I've been in search of more rear roll stiffness, primarily in the form of a rear roll bar, and have only found one source with a cost of about $600 to get it to me here in the states. I assume the stiffer this bushing, the intent is to more stably laterally locate the deDion from cornering forces, rather than to provide more roll stiffness. But if it also makes a substantial change in roll stiffness, it's worth considering for me even at the expense of shorter service life. So how much if a difference will result from changing this bushing?
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