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This is a riot!

San Mateo County borders the city and county of San Francisco. It's southern portion borders the beginning of Silicon Valley. Historically, it is fairly conservative. Demographically, portions of it are very affluent but it is not as affluent as a whole as Santa Clara County to its south.

When I grew up on the peninsula, the San Mateo Times was something you might not admit to subscribing to. My take is that the only people taking the SM Journal seriously are those who are working or perhaps donating their time.

You just gotta know that I could prattle off and entertain myself with a bunch of remarks, but I don't think this one needs to be taken too seriously. I'd love to know what "lengthy" bridge she is referring to. I'm guessing it is not the San Mateo or Dumbarton Bridges, not the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate. It's probably the Eugene Duran Memorial Bridge which spans two hills for Highway 280 ... and most vehicles shorter than an S class are going to have a rhythym.

Thanks for the post and chuckle.

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