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Originally Posted by Spentit View Post
My 2017 ED had a similar problem as it would not start in my home garage, so I hooked up my battery charger and in just a few seconds the car could be started and all seemed fine. The main battery of the car charges the 12v battery once the car is started so the 12v was brought to normal in just a few minutes.

Since I didn't want this to happen again and since there's no gauge that measures the health of the 12v battery, I installed a bluetooth battery monitor. It tells me what the battery condition is now and what it's been historically but for me the most important thing is that it tells me if the drain is excessive and informs me right away right on my smart phone. So long before the car will not start, I'm able to do something about it which in my case would mean simply starting the car to recharge the battery.

Since I installed the bluetooth monitor my battery has never failed but at least I'm prepared just in case.


Can you provide a link to the bluetooth battery monitor?
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