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Originally Posted by jimvw57 View Post
I have replaced a lot of plugs, and other than the heads of the bolts getting rusty, Never had a problem with breaking a bolt. I have replaced them with SS ones just to avoid the rust (gotta love Minnesota winters)

Actually SS bolts in aluminum is not a good idea. Take a look at any galvanic series chart of metals to see why.

Aluminum being the less noble metal than SS it will corrode, especially so, given the large potential difference between the two metals. I'd recommend using a zinc-plated fastener as the zinc is closer to aluminum on the galvanic series so the combination is less prone to corrosion. Additionally in this case the zinc becomes the sacrificial anode, not the aluminum.

There is a reason that manufacturers' use zinc-plated fasteners with aluminum. If you must use SS, apply an anti-seize compound, preferably one containing zinc.

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