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Originally Posted by Yinzer View Post
If the battery is good, then it could be a wiring harness fault. Smart ED's have a history of wire chafing and breakage problems in the right rear quarter panel area - behind the interior trim in front of the right tail lights - but we are nowhere near checking those more serious differential diagnoses yet.
@Yinzer :
Dang, how often does this happen? I have a 2014 ED, can I add some sheathing to the wiring at that point to protect it from that issue?

Originally Posted by johnyoung39 View Post
I used a small car jumper (Halo) after I opened the 12-volt battery compartment under the pass floorboard.
Is there a way we can make a SEC(sp?) plug come from the battery to make it easier to access/charge during days of non-use?

Originally Posted by Yinzer View Post
What specifically do you mean by "tried to charge the 12 volt battery"?

Plugging the car to a charging station or adapter with a dead 12V battery will not hurt the car - it just won't charge until the 12V battery has been separately charged so it has enough voltage to turn on the control systems.
@Yinzer :
Do you know how many watts the traction battery will provide for charging the 12v battery?
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