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Strange operation of reverse lights on 2011

For atleast a couple years I have noticed a strange thing with the reverse lights on my 2011. I think I started noticing it probably somewhere in the 3-5 years ago when I would reverse out of our driveway at 4am and it looked like the reverse lights would come on initially but then it looked like they turned off before I got to the end of our driveway. This never really bother me because I knew how to get out of our driveway without an illumination and it was a time in the day when there was no other cars coming down the street. So it didnt take that long, after I initially noticed it, to stop caring about it or even noticing it. That 4am start going into work was the only time that I ever drove the car at a darker time of day with any consistency. The past 2 years I no longer go to work at 4am so now I rarely ever drive the car at a darker time of day. So I never bothered to try to figure out what was going on and if it was a problem or it was normal.

Just recently I had to get the car inspected and I decided to look over everything to see if there was anything that might cause it to fail inspection. With the car turned on and checking all the lights, I put the car in reverse with the parking brake on so the car wouldnt go anywhere, and I went around back and noticed the strange operation of the reverse lights. Probably about half the times I did this I noticed the reverse lights came on strong for 6-7 seconds, but then flickered for 4 seconds, and then shutoff. The rest of the time their operation was all over the place, sometimes flickering from the start and then shutting off a few seconds later, other times not coming on at all. I then tried the reverse lights without the parking brake on and just chocked the rear wheels to keep the car from moving and I noticed the same strange operation of the reverse lights. At first I thought maybe it was a battery issue because I'm still using the original battery, but the battery has still performed well for me otherwise. Recently the car has times where it sits for several weeks, which is part of the reason I thought maybe it was a battery issue. I just took the car for about a 15 minute drive at higher speeds to see if the battery just needed a boost, but when I stopped and tested the reverse lights the same way I did before I got the same thing, 7 seconds of full brightness, 4 seconds of flickering and then shuts off.

Ever since I noticed this 3-5 years ago, all the inspections I have had on the car have all passed, some where in MA and the most recent 2 where in PA. I don't know if the reverse lights just luckily happened to be fully working for the entire inspection, or if the 7 seconds they stay on full brightness is long enough for the tech to inspect them and the tech doesnt notice them flickering and shutting off after that 7 seconds. Its also possible the techs doing the inspections dont bother looking at the reverse lights, and other things for that matter. It seems so strange that their operation would be so consistent (7 seconds full brightness, then 4 seconds of flickering, then off) that if there was a problem I would have thought their operation would be alot more random.

What do you think is going on with my 2011's reverse lights?

Is it possible that the reverse lights are not staying on in my tests because the car thinks that the reverse lights dont need to stay on since the car isnt moving?
(Obviously I could have someone watch the reverse lights as I drive the car in reverse.)
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