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Solution below was a fail. I ended up removing the adjuster as is failed within a day of installing it. When it came out I figured since it was a dead power lead to the motor why not just directly wire the motor from the power I was using to the fan switch from the lighter power in the first place. well I wired the power from that to the motor and returned the blue to the original blue from the car and boom. Ass has been well for 10 days I have been using the AC. All seems to be remedied.

So Don't do the following:

Ordered a fan switch and wired it directly to the fan, all is well and I actually have way more control of the blower speeds not. Went from having only 4 original settings to a endless speeds.

Bought one of these, wired it directly to the fan, powered it from the splicing into the lighter power lines.

Warning this devise below is a FAIL! (I'am only leaving the link for reference)

Placed the dial in the space where the lighter used to be. Now I adjust the fan speed from the dial. All other settings function as they should. A/C blows nicely as does the heat.

I could have spent 100's trying to resolve the issue. Went with the 8 dollar fix.

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