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I'll figger this car out
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Originally Posted by jimvw57 View Post
Not sure why your posts re being 'eaten' everything seems Ok in your profile.

TPMS light will only indicate a low (or high) tire pressure, or a problem with the monitoring system.

ABS indicates a problem with the anti lock brakes. If it is on all the time, it could be as simple as a blown fuse, or missing fuse, or as complicated as a brake control computer problem.

The Misfire codes, if you are not running on 2 cylinders, you won't have much power, maybe not enough to get the car moving.If the computer detects a low power from a cylinder, it shuts it off. losing 2/3 of the motor is pretty bad.

Usually a tcs light will affect the power to one or more wheels. It is possible you have an error code from the transmission that won't show up on a generic scanner and may need to be read by a STARR computer.

Thanks for the info.

With the OBDII on but the engine not running, I get the misfire codes for cylinders #1 and #3 misfiring, but all three cylinders run smoothly, plus after a little bit of running, even idle is smooth. So I do have power. Last night and this morning, recharged a VARTA battery which came with the car. Charged well, and passed a carbon pile stress test, so will be recharged and installed Wednesday.

I have a pretty good scanner but don't know what a STARR scanner is.
Who makes it?

I saw no proprietary codes for the smart listed related to ABS.

Thanks for your help.
BTW what is a tcs light?
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