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Where to dispose of ForTwo?

Hey all - got an old '08 violating my HOA codes in the driveway and need to sell/donate. Anybody have opinions on best place to get good value sending off effectively a totaled Smart? I'll run through the laundry list of its woes:

- Frozen steering wheel - does not move one bit either direction, wheels are effectively locked forward. No idea what the problem is here.
- Rusted off muffler - junction broken @ engine, muffler swings freely
- Two snapped front springs, just draped around the front shocks.
- One deflated, unfixable tire
- Dead battery, but car will not start even with a charged battery. Electronic system error everyone here will be familiar with.
- Broken off antenna

To fix all of these things would probably come to the 3k mark and definitely not worth it for me, considering this car was driven carefully on smooth roads and all of these things happened as though it was being jumped in mud games or something. I think that about sums it up. Thoughts on what best to do with it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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