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Buying used ED HV battery dead need advice.

Hello I have been through the forums and a little mixed on the info.

Just bought at auction 2013 Smart ED with 20k.
From the pictures HV battery is dead and they jumped the 12 to get the dash to show the miles.
I called the battery assurance number and the extremely helpful lady informed me of the following.
-The car was actually a second owner lease return.
-It was just returned to the dealer last month the end of May.
-The previous owner did have and maintain the battery warranty.
-As what she shows the car is eligible for the warranty to be continued @$80 per month.
-The previous owner did keep up with the scheduled maintenance so if it ever needed a HV battery it would be eligible (if I chose to continue it that is).
-Battery maintenance and service was just done at the dealer in March of this year.

The car is 1200 miles away and I am working on transport seems there is a chance I will get it by Monday.

Out of curiosity I asked if I don't pay for the warranty what happens does MB disable the battery as I have read. She said no they cannot do that you are just out of luck for service and warranty.

My main questions that I cannot see to find conclusive answers to is:

-If the HV is totally dead will it take a charge (seems only a few weeks it would have been dead just at the auction).
-When I get the car what steps should I take when I get the car to have the best chance to get it going again.

She did note that if the battery was run all the way dead and or does not charge that even if I take the battery plan @$80pm they still most likely will not honor the replacement due to running dead is abuse. She said it is really up to the dealer but there is no guarantee.

Thanks in advance!
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