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Hey everyone.
I am looking to purchase some new headlights for my 09 451, not because I am passionate about them... its they simply suck!
Adjusting is not easy, as the driver side Hi beam goes into the trees when the low beams are even and correct.
Also the inside of the lens is cruddy.
So, anyone have a good source? Madness, Ebay, Amazing river, and the C list... not helping me too much.
A real nice used set, or new set is what I am looking for, price at the MB parts is over 600... yikes! Surely
someone has dealt with this issue already, and I really would like to know what you did.

On another note...
I am getting ready to remove the gear shift motors for a cleaning, changing the tranny fluid also with MT90. Also installing the Madness
cold air intake hose, and tossing the air box that is in there now. I just hope I do not have to use the Jaws of life to get it out!
I got the rear wheel camber pretty much zeroed out, looks much better... and I think handles better too!

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