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OK seems this forum for the Smart ED is dead I don't see many post or activity that'a a shame.

Any ways if there are ppl here somehow the haller got to me and delivered the car last nite just 25 hours for 1400 miles.

Since I am unsure I decided to charge the 12v battery first as it was totally dead. been on a 15amp charger about 10 hours now and says 80%.

The car turns on the HV battery is showing dead, there is a msg to charge the HV battery soon and another I believe HV system workshop.

The car did not have a charging cable I did not think it would so I had ordered on when I found out I actually was getting the car. That should show up today Amazon so once the 12v is full I will plug in the EV charger and see what happens.

Car has a big sticker property of MB USA LLC not for sale to be auctioned.

Rear cover over the motor was open, small hatch to back side of the charge cable was open.

The car as far as the car is in fantastic shape with and minor cleaning it will look new.

Issues I see are tires are original and dry rotting and then we have to see if it will charge.

Seems the original owners never took off the plastic from the factory on the floor so carpets look new.

Just really hoping I can get it to charge.
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