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453 SAM Unit Issues

So I haven’t had my (453) 2016 Smart Fortwo Prime for less than 6 months. I noticed it had a slow start one day after work. Then, it wouldn’t start up a few moments later after I ran into a store for a few items. I spoke to my sister who talked to her boyfriend (he’s a mechanic) and he recommended to have it jumped as it was most likely the battery. She came out and jumped it and it ran just fine except for once problem...there was a red error code “12 v Malfunction, stop now and check owner’s manual”.

I took it to my local show who stated it was probably the SAM unit but he would try the battery sensor first since my battery was good and was charging just fine. I had him replace another sensor as well for the cam as this was flagging in the system as causing a miss-fire in all 3 cylinders. I had to wait a little over a week as these parts had to be ordered through one of my local MB dealerships and they told him they don’t stock parts for the Smart brand anymore due to not selling them in North America (which I knew).

He got the parts on but it’s still throwing the same codes with the same main code of “12 v Malfunction”. He spoke to MB again who advised that they could order a new SAM unit as this was the most likely culprit but it would come un-registered and would have to be registered to the vin for my Smart which could only be done at the dealership...they also advised that they may or may not decide to do the work as they don’t sell the cars anymore...

So I will be taking it to MB as soon as I am able to, but my questions are:
1. How much is a SAM unit replacement roughly?
2. What do I do if the MB dealership tells me to “eff” off basically, I’m only 6 months into my finance of this car...I have already spoke with the finance company and the car company I bought it through and both are unable/unwilling to help me...

If I had known the amount of problems I would be facing (the announcement was made after I made my purchase) I would have gotten a FIAT instead...
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