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Originally Posted by cirofeola View Post
I have had my smart for about 4 months now. I take it out only about once a week and drive it for about 40 or 50 miles. It always starts up with no problem, but this last week it was very cold here in N.Y. I tried to start her and nothing. had roadside come and give me a boost. Did the cold wheather have that much to do with killing the battery? I drove the car for about an hour at high way speeds after the jump. Will my battery be ok now or was damage already done and I need a new one? On most cars getting a jump is not such a big deal. Just pop the hood, but the smart is a little bit of a pain. The roadside man who had jumped smarts many times even had a hard time. Not the greatest place to put a battery.
Takes a lot more to start a cold car and battery has to work harder. Battery could be fine but I would get it load tested to be sure of its status.
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