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Bumblebee for sale in Hattiesburg, MS

I drove by a used car lot today about 3 miles west of Books A Million in Hattiesburg, MS and saw a shiny yellow Bumblebee Smart on proud display. Didn't stop because it's Easter Sunday and I just wanted my 4 hour drive home to be over. Name of the lot is "Auto- (something)". I didn't catch the name until I was past it, sorry.

Lots of people ask me where they can get one, and lose interest when I say they have to go up to Birmingham... well, anyone near me - now there's at least one closer. I think there's one for sale on a used lot in Brookhaven MS also. Might have moved/been sold, not sure. If there's interest, I can ask family to keep an eye out. Not like they're hard to spot.
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