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Originally Posted by John_H View Post
Since reading this post by Old smart, I thought the engines came in with non-synthetic oil. Rereading the post, I'm no longer sure if the original oil was a different synthetic or dino oil or if the swap-out experiment became the way they now process the engines.
This what I was emailed by smartUSA (Bloomfield) concerning the VPC oil changes:

"Engines ship wet (filled with oil) from Mitsubishi to Hambach. Our test has been aimed at evaluating the consistency of using Mobil 1 versus the entry of the vehicles with one oil and then a switch to synthetic at the first oil change. Overall, we do not think this is a performance issue. We have just been interested in evaluating the alternative of using a port change as opposed to the much bigger challenge of changing the oil used in the Mitsubishi factory."

Note, it reads "...a switch to synthetic..." not "a switch to a different synthetic."

N.B. Note that this smartUSA VPC experiment began about the beginning of the year. Those smarts coming in after that will be re-filled with Mobil 1 0W-40; those delivered before that, dunno (likely a Nippon Oil Co.** fossil).
**A Mitsubishi company.

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