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Originally Posted by Mister P View Post
We were one block north of show center, which was the DB Hilton. I don't know what you heard, but if a military pilot were to go supersonic over or near the continental US he/she would be court martialed. It is not allowed.

The last time a sonic boom was heard over the US was 9/11/01 when jets were scrambled to try to intercept potential terrorist aircraft.

Of course, I will say mea culpa if a news agency states different. But I doubt I will need to do that.

Regardless, it was a good show. The F-22 is amazing to watch as they yank it around in the air. Seems hard to believe an aircraft that large can be that nimble, but fly by wire and vectoring thrust can do amazing things.
Oh you guys were South of me then. I finally found vacant sand in Ormond Beach.

The sonic boom came from the raptor at approximately 2:38PM. He did not go supersonic over land, he was coming in from sea and way way North of the DB Hilton. He finished a pass heading North Northeast and at his velocity, I can imagine he did not complete a teardrop within the 3 mile marker before international waters because he dropped out of sight. I guess he was moving that handle to keep showgoers from waiting too long.

Wasn't there a Blue Angel who oopsed above sonic over land a couple of years ago? I wish i could remember. So this poor guy had to stand tall and be court martialled?

Don't worry about waiting for the news to report everything. 3 years ago when I was working at an International Airport (i won't mention which one), there was a suicide from a balcony outside the West Checkpoint and it was cleaned up pretty painlessly without a single news item in paper or TV mediums.

Oh yeah, Here's a pic of some of the best seats in the house:
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