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Originally Posted by WhiteNBlack08 View Post
I don't think that was his intention at all. He is correct, MBUSA cannot force any dealership to take on the smart brand. When a contract expires, they can choose not to renew it, but they can't force it down anybodies throat. Depending on the wording of the local franchise contracts, they may be able to force their hand at renewal time and say:" take the smart, or lose the franchise", but in the middle of a contract, they are pretty much helpless.

Maybe the real problem lies within your local MB dealerships? They may be smiling and friendly on the outside when you discuss smarts with them, but secretly.... they may just want you out the door. They don't want you to leave upset, afterall, you may eventually want to move up to a MB.
Smiling and friendly, maybe, but when they comment, "Isn't the engine Japanese and the car made in France?" they tip their hand. However, I agree with your analysis and with the reality of a reduced 2011 inventory stateside, "next year" might be all we can hope for here in Mn.
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