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Originally Posted by GetSmrt28277 View Post

This sounds awesome and thanks for taking the initiative.
I already have plans for that weekend.
I look forward to all the pics and stories.

If there is anything I can do from here, I'll be glad to help.
Be sure to cross post the event on Insider.
Sorry to hear that. Won't be the same with out you.

Originally Posted by papadukes56 View Post
Sounds like a great idea the keys. Is that close to smart-ta-ritaville and a shaker of salt i'll be thirsty after the drive down.
As Mr. Buffet says...... The weathers here, wish you were beautiful.

Originally Posted by jefferios View Post
Cool Idea Krusty, if you have questions and want some help let me know and I can see what I can do.
Thanks for the offer of help. I'm going to try and make this thing real easy. I will put together a list of activities we can all enjoy at a reasonable cost. And once I get the responses from the hotels, I will list their web sites and phone numbers. We try to keep things laid back and slow down here. I have found over planning can cause confusion when weather or something else changes a set schedule. With today's phones and and communications options, we can all be flexible and easily contacted if plans change.

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