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Originally Posted by kheran View Post
Wash it thoroughly first and use rubber gloves while give it a shove.....
but don't throw the gloves away there , they'll get the prints from the inside! LOL

I knew my 450 was an orphan, and I knew there might be issues, my other car is a 50 year old Italian car that sold only 300 examples in the US. That's not THAT big an issue, I just want to get a spare key made as soon as I get back to the states. I'm trying to figure out what the best way to do that is. My understanding is that you still have to have the car (or ECU) when you do it. I was hoping that I could just send the key somewhere, and they could 'copy' it (clone really). I'm in TX, so maybe I got to take a trip and see Leroy! I'm not sure anyone in TX can redo the 450 key.

I don't doubt Leroy's part of the tale one bit -- he's ALWAYS been a straight shooter here and in probably one of the most knowledgeable 450 experts in the states.
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