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This makes me so sad. I have really loved driving my smart car. This week, I have seen the most atrocious, negligent service from a dealer ever in my life. Still, to this minute, no one from the dealership has called me back from any of the voice mails I have left. The only person I have spoken with is the receptionist.

Thursday: rear-end car accident. Called several times, no return call. sent email to manager.
Friday: called and spoke to receptionist. email from manager with some very basic response about "sharing service with their Acura dealership", no specific response to any of my other questions about my vehicle. no returned calls from manager or service.
Saturday: sent another email to manager, still never responded to. Receptionist recommended I get my car towed there. Service is closed on Sunday and Monday.
Monday: Had car towed to dealership. No contact from anyone. Called and spoke to receptionist who said my car was there.
Tuesday: no contact from service. can only get voice mail. called smart HQ, who in turn called dealership where they are told service is closed today for special training.
Wednesday: no contact from service. called and get voice mail. called smart HQ. They contact dealer who says service is out "making deliveries" and offers to forward them to service. When HQ says that service isn't returning calls, receptionist offers to walk back to service to ask them about my car's status. Received no further communication.
I call and speak to receptionist several hours later who tells me that service says they don't have my car????!!!? I ask him to please check because it was towed there Monday. Call smart HQ again. Customer service there calls and gets in touch with dealer who now says they have found the car, and that it was left on a back lot they don't check????? but someone left the interior light on and the battery needs to be jumped now. And now I am told service is out for special training all week. This is absolutely insane. I have to go more than a week before I even know if my car is beyond repair or how long I will be without a car. I have never seen anything like this in my life.

Smart HQ tells me that Phil Smart Mercedes Benz in Seattle is going to be doing smart repairs... I don't know if this is good or bad based on responses I see on the forum.
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