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ACK!!! I thought I had replied earlier to this! Funny story, folks.

I had just called The 'Glen after our event, and asked to talk to Mike Evranian. The woman informs me that "Mike is no longer with us..." :eek::eek::eek:

I had to wait a second, process it, and ask her again. I said "Excuse me?"

She said that he had just received a promotion, accepted a job at another track owned by the company, and is working under his old boss. He is still very much alive.

Mike Eckert is filling in for Mike Evranian at Watkins Glen in the meanwhile, until they find Evranian's replacement. So any thanks, letters, or questions go to Eckert. I guess planning the next event is indefinitely on hold until I can either A) Find Evranian again for suggestions, or B) They get a more permanent replacement after Eckert, who hasn't yet returned my post-event call.

Originally Posted by SNAPHU View Post
Anyone remember the name of the young lady that briefed us at the Glen?
If you are referring to the girl that worked for the track, in the blue, that was communicating between officials and the Pace Cars, I don't remember unfortunately. The Smart Marketing rep that came to visit us was Gayle Malone.

By the way, Gayle Malone sent everyone that was there an email via DropBox to share pictures. I hope everyone got it! If not, let me know.

Originally Posted by nconantj View Post
Hmm, Finger Lakes Wine Festival is officially scheduled for July 12-14 next year. It would be awesome if we could do this again then and get them to make it part of the festival.

Maybe we could arrange a slightly later time with a trip (or parking) in (or near) the pit lane.

Once July opens up on Travelocity, I'm booking Friday night through Sunday morning... I like my wine. Going to be bottling up some homemade strawberry wine with the first being uncorked December 29 at 11:59:59 and sipped January 1 at 12:00:00.
Oh, I can guarantee we'll be going back! Mike Evranian had a lot of plans to use pictures and info from our event in next year's event planning, but I'm not sure what is to come of all that now. The recap video was posted on the Facebook page for the Wine Festival, and our Smarties didn't make the cut.

(Actually we haven't made Smart USA's Facebook yet, either. Huh. I'll have to see about that.)

Parking in Pit Lane won't be possible due to safety concerns at the track with the Pace Car rides they give throughout the day - which, I found out, are $50 per person AFTER you've paid your admission into the Wine Festival. We made out pretty good I'd say, and we even had our own cars.

I would certainly like to go down Pit Road though! Especially switch drivers if possible. Organizing a later time would sure be nice, as well.

Originally Posted by jimvw57 View Post
I believe that time frame is the week after the national convention in Denver. We made the decision to skip our regional event during the years of the national event (every 3rd year) as most people only can budget time for one event.
Just a thought..
Hmmmmm. Jim, you were one of those instrumental folks here that inspired me to do the event in the first place, so I definitely appreciate when you chime in. I will certainly be going forward with the Watkins Glen event no matter what; if for no other reasons than to A) Do something with the locals, and B) Make sure that the (hopefully annual) event gets a chance to keep growing.

I would sure like to make it out for the Nationals, though! I should probably not expect a wide-reaching turnout for next year then, but I'll sure hope for the best! I'm excited for it again already, I know that much.
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