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[QUOTE=SnakeFarm;70334]I THOUHGHT things were going to turn aroudn for my smart car experience but noooooo!

They called me in to get my replacement hood yesterday. I took the car in and waited about an hour before they came back and told me that the panel they had ordered had arrived chiped and warped. They drove my car back out to the service bay and when I picked it up I noticed the shifter button was hard to press in. When I got home it was hard to get into park but I did not think much of it because of my newfound faith in PAG/Smart.

Don't get your shorts in a bunch, but why would you leave the dealer with a shift release button that was suddenly stiff anfte having read the post on this forum about stuck gear shifts.

smart will not produce a perfect car, not one, and it is dissappointing when we have problems with our new babies, but that is life and I find working throug these issues can make me fonder of my smart.

Keep working with your dealer and make them like you and be firm with them about properly repairing your baby.
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