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Give back my smart?

I got a call from the excellent people in Atlanta smart Center. I told them they could not have my smart back for twice what I paid for it. Not for all the tea in China! This is the most fantastic car I have ever had. I told my wife I have been waiting for this car my whole life. I am 70 and LOVE this car. I am afraid that my gasoline bill will go up since I want to drive it all the time.

Every time I stop somewhere, people ask me about the car.

I have found that other drivers extend courtesy to me that I am not used to. When I am pulling out into a busy road, people actually slow or stop to help me get out into the road.

I saw a review in that stated the smart has more SPM than any other car they have ever tested. (That's smiles per mile). I have found that to be true. It is so enjoyable to see so many people smiling at the car I am driving.

A drawback to this is that it's hard to change lanes sometimes, because other drivers just want to drive along beside you and see your smart. And then, there's all the fingerprints on your smart when you come back after parking it.

Wanna see what a Rock Star is like? Drive a smart.
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