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A guy at work asked me if I were offered $50k for mine would I sell... I actually had to think before replying that I'd have to think hard about it. If I could get an identical orphan, I could drive/fly anywhere in the country for the $34k profit, but it still wouldn't be my first one. Plus, my ethics would first make me suggest that same approach to the idiot offering me 3x retail on something. Selling for slight profit is one thing.... 2x or 3x is usually taking advantage of someone.

As to the celebrity, I came closest ever to having panic attacks my first two weeks with this car; I grew up as a pretty shy/insecure person and all the attention gets to me after a while. I've had photos taken of me, I've watched crowds surround my car in the parking lot, answered questions... but now I consider it practice for 2009... my wife's first novel should come out in Sep 09, and with any luck she'll be a celebrity overnight. Last night we went to the movies in my smart... the drive was more entertaining than the movie.
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