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Originally Posted by smark View Post
Desert Rat, they seem to be tail gating you, cause your closer to the rear window, by a arms length.
Well, at least you didn't blame the victim, as other people have been known to do ... "if you didn't drive so slow they wouldn't tailgate", which is malarkey. If anything, I can be accused of driving too fast.

But ya can't drive faster than the car in front of you, which is usually the limiting factor in my driving speed. As for myself, I do not tailgate. If you maintain a safe following distance, some people perceive that as you are driving too slowly. It doesn't make a bit of sense, but that seems to be their thinking.

Yeah, the rear window is arm's length behind you (so?). I know tailgating when I see it. Watch the very same jerks as they ride the asss of the next vehicle they get behind. 15 feet at 50 MPH is tailgating, regardless of how near or far your rear window is.

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