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Originally Posted by Montana Smart 1 View Post
I just received my Smart car. A red passion cabriolet with black interior. I couldn't wait for Smart to get to me in November of 2009. I contacted three different dealers via and was told by each one that the cars they had listed were demos only or already sold to someone and that autotrader had somehow uploaded the information on them. I decided to get one myself and purchased one on e-bay with a buy it now, this was at the end of March. The first of April I was notified by the guy in Illinois that my buy it now was NOT the price he wanted for the car and he actually wanted more money was I willing to go into a bidding war with other people who wanted the yellow car. I told him the joke was on him (after all it was April Fools day) and said I didn't appreciate his underhanded way of doing business and said thanks but no thanks. Then I waited for awhile to calm down and decide there must be someone else who had one for sale.
I came across a red one with black interior and started bidding on it and was getting more and more angry by the bidding process so I hit the buy it now button and got myself the car on May 20th. I put my deposit down and got the ball rolling for getting the car from Pennsylvania to Montana.
The car was picked up June 8 at 7:00 a.m. and was deposited at my door on Friday, the 13th (now a lucky day for me!) I've driven it around and the first question is: "Is it electric?" Everyone is interested and I've given many rides. Every woman or teenage girl is in love with it. Several guys have said they might get one instead of a motorcycle since they're out of the weather in the car! I had a 1998 Volkswagen diesel Beetle and I really like this Smart car way better! My very tall daughter loves the leg room. Yesterday with gas at $4.15 a gallon I filled up from half empty to full for $15.00 and that made my hubby happy! Are we all smart or what!!!
I love the state of Montana, have visited many times. What part of the state are you from? Have a Moose Drool for me when you get the chance!!!!
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