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Originally Posted by bigcritter View Post
Just checked our your BLOG!! VERY COOL!! I really like the idea of posting your experiences with your smart. I especially like the POSITIVE stuff as opposed to a lot of the "whining" that seems to occur on the forum...........problems, etc. Don't get me wrong.......I've gotten caught up a couple of times myself! However, my experience with my car overall has been OUTSTANDING, and I've just really been enjoying it lately! When I first picked my car up at smartcenter Seattle, I started asking Ethan Smith (the GM) a bunch of questions about the "break-in" period, etc. His advice......."Just Drive It!" Very good advice! That's exactly waht I've been doing lately........not trying to milk every last ounce out of the tank of gas, wondering why I invested $150 in a ScanGauge, etc. I've been stomping down on the gas pedal, letting the WONDERFUL transmission do it's thing, and learning just how capable this machine really is!! YES......MORE SMILES PER GALLON THAN ANY OTHER CAR I'VE EVER OWNED!!!
So, you don't think the ScanGauge is worth it? I am pretty close to getting one... I am interested in your thoughts on it...
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