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TRobinson6 04-06-2019 04:06 PM

2 a/c questions
1. when accelerating from a stop and the a/c cycles off why does your head jerk back? if you say it is because it releases horsepower then if that was the case when you were driving and the a/c was on you wouldn't have enough horsepower to get out of your own way.... I have owned 30 cars in my life and other then feeling the compressor cycle ever so slightly there was never a feeling like the Smart produces.

2. I noticed the temp slider switch has an unusual detent when sliding it down. Ease the switch slowly up and all the detents feel normal but slide it down and the detent after 70 has a big jump like one of the detents is missing (but it really isn't).

hope this makes sense to you

jimvw57 04-06-2019 09:37 PM

1) You are driving a 3 cylinder car! It will never have the acceleration snap of a V8, or even a 4 cylinder car. If your 30 cars, were any of them a 3 cylinder car with A/C? most cars with even 4 cylinders don't usually offer A/C. In the end, it isn't fair to compare the performance to any other car unless it has the same wheelbase, weight, aerodynamics, engine, transmission , etc.

2) the temp slider and the fan switch are rotary switches made of plastic. I have had both of mine break off, and I was able to super glue them back together so they would work. Again, not a high cost car here. The detents are just plastic and they do wear after time. You can purchase a replacement heater control assembly for about $350 and get that feel of a brand new setup.

TRobinson6 04-23-2019 10:24 PM

make it question 3 now

are the white markings on the a/c buttons painted on the button face or on the underside? I was wondering because mine are fading and I am careful not to push on the markings, and I was thinking of putting some clear paint on to prevent it or would the paint soften and remove the markings?

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