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Bremer Speck 08-03-2008 01:06 PM

David Diette of Rolling Tones fame visited us today....
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to install a GPS navigation system in our Yellow\Black|black Passion cabriolet. David does on-site work and he arrived in his work-van.... a white and silver Smart Passion Coupe! How cool is that? Not only does he do a fantastic installation job in 45 minutes, he even drives a Smart! We went with his recommendation. The Kenwood 5120 with iPod controller and we added the Bluetooth option. David told me he has done 31 Smart cars now. It shows. He knows exactly which screws to turn and how to take things apart. So, our verdict? Highly recommended! Call David on his iPhone on 603-682-5888 - A sequence of photos of this installation done on Sunday, 3 August 2008, will be posted momentarily in the Gallery.

Big Panda 08-03-2008 01:10 PM

"WHO" of "WHAT" fame? damn, i MUST be getting old......:rolleyes:

pwbapro 08-03-2008 01:10 PM


Bremer Speck 08-03-2008 01:22 PM

I have posted 6 photos in the member gallery section starting with a view of the original radio to dash taken apart to newly installed Kenwood. Click on B and scroll down to Bremer Speck. I want to add, that David had forgotten to bring the iPod cable needed for this installation. What to do? Simple, he took his own installation apart to remove his cable to install it in our car.

Westfield 11 08-03-2008 01:25 PM

WOW!! Some guy from a company nobody has ever heard of fixed a smart!!! WOW!!!!!

Smartfor2guy 08-03-2008 01:28 PM

He is a poster on this forum and has in the past sold OEM radios on this forum

Bremer Speck 08-03-2008 01:38 PM

Westfield, what's your problem?!? I have posted a recommendation for a qualified, local installer servicing the greater Boston area. I have backed this up with photos.

rollingtones 08-03-2008 03:03 PM

GPS Installation service

Originally Posted by Jeepster55 (Post 117055)
"WHO" of "WHAT" fame? damn, i MUST be getting old......:rolleyes:

Yes, unless you live in New England or New York state, you probably haven't heard of me, as I maintain a low profile. What Bremer Speck is saying is that I own a smart, have done 39 installations on them so far, and will travel to your home or office to perform this service. I am a very small shop and specialize in high-end cars, and have been in business since 1982. Since purchasing a smart for my work vehicle I have happily added the smart brand to my list of cars that I work on. All of my installations are done at the client's home or office. I have seen some good aftermarket installations and some poor ones. I am merely informing members of the forum that if they would like a good GPS installation at very reasonable rates I can do it in their driveway or office parking lot. I am known for fair dealings, quality work and can provide the equipment and installation at a very competitive price. I can also help you if you start an installation and feel you would like an expert to look it over if you are confused about something. Currently I really like the Kenwood DNX-5120, -7120 and -8120 in the smart for a variety of reasons. My website, which needs to be updated, is Thanks!

Dave777 08-03-2008 03:39 PM

Rollingtones, looks nice, and I can't imagine someone would want to use an installer who had never done one, so you're ahead of nearly everyone in your area I'd imagine.

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