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cubefx 10-01-2010 09:12 AM

Do not buy Turbo. Buy Neo Socket.
How in the world you can increase your engine horse power by just plugging some gizmo in your cigarette lighter socket? Are people that stupid? :nuts::nuts::nuts::bangwall:

Here is what the manufacturer claims.....

Neo Socket - save gas mileage. reduce fuel consumption. fuel conservation product.


* Save on gas by 10% to 30%
* Cleaner emission
* More horse power
* Longer battery life
* Too easy to use and start working instantly

smartcar111 10-01-2010 09:14 AM

LMAO! That made my day! Thank you!

ca smartone 10-01-2010 10:05 AM

Ah rats, sold out! :bangwall:

rfernatt 10-01-2010 10:07 AM

Neosocket Rep 1: Just remember, there's a sucker born every minute.

Neosocket Rep 2: Shh! I think I hear one coming now...

Krusty 10-01-2010 10:16 AM

A $50 mood light! I can't believe they are sold out.

pdboilermaker 10-01-2010 10:24 AM

Man, I need one for my H3 then it will get the same mpg as my smart

TrekSmart 10-01-2010 10:28 AM

LOL, that is just a hoot. I would love to read the exact way in which this device improves all of that performance. I'm sure it will be quite comical reading.

forestacademy 10-01-2010 10:41 AM

Love the testimonials

My car accelerates better now and a little bit but it does improve gas milage. Radio sounds better and lights are brighter.
How hard did this guy think plugging something in the power outlet was?

It was easier than i though to install. You just plug it into the cigarette lighter. It helps on ignition and engine feels more powerful.

I think it drives better when i turn on A/C, radio, etc. Gas milage has definitely improved. It's easy to use.
This thing is a wonder Product. It will prevent static spark explosions at the fuel pump Most of those happen when women get in and out of the car during fill ups in cold weather.

Gas milage improved more than i expected! [B]It's easy even for women to use. [/B]Radio plays better even outside the city and it's easier to drive going up hill. There are no more static electricity when it's cold.

Skip the HID's as well folks

Gas milage on my car has been excellent but now it's even better. Lights are brighter also

TrekSmart 10-01-2010 10:57 AM

After reading those testimonials, I propose a new name for this gadget, the MagiSocket! Only magic (or outstanding idiocy) explain its capablities! LOL

smartcar111 10-01-2010 11:09 AM

I love the video "review" of it
And one of the top comments

Why this guy "after 4 weeks" didnt change his shirt?

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