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  • Hardybob ·
    George, do you know what benefits are for the club members only? I had asked once before but no one ever gave me an answer. I would pay if worth it.

    OnceWasPerfect ·
    Hello, I just recently purchased an 09 Brabus Coupe, all black. I must say yours looks good with 17s all around. Now that you have had on them on a while how do you like it? Any problems with bending the rims? Still no rubbing? Thanks.
    smartypants1 ·
    Hey this is smartypants1 the wheels are not painted on my 2013 brabus I was thinking of changing them to black put some electoral tape on there to see how it looked Im not changing the wheels
    1983JZR3W ·
    Hi from Florida. Yes, I did the conversion a couple of weeks ago. No issues at all. No rubbing or handling problems. I used Hankook 215/35-17 tires on the front, same as stock rear Brabus tires. If you go to a taller tire, you will need a 5MM front spacer. Tiger Wong is running 215/40-17's all around and was getting some rubbing on the front. He also has 30MM spacers on the rear, but just for looks according to him. I have not had the alignment checked yet, but I will soon. I have put less than 100 miles on the new set up.
    ATL Smart alec ·
    I plan on installing Brabus rear wheels on the front of my Brabus Cabrio. I believe that you have recently done the same. Are there any issues regarding fit, drivability etc? Should the front camber be adjusted ? Also, I am wondering if I can use a little taller tire, to help protect the rim, and improve the ride. Your thoughts?
    slyck14 ·
    I just joined, too. Noticed you are a Vette person, too. I have three Vettes, the latest being a 2008 Velocity Yellow Z06. I really want yellow panels for the SMART!!!
    SmartLee ·
    Saw you are a recent addition to the Smartcar America group. I just picked up my all black Brabus in Dallas and love it. Best car ever.
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